Why You Should Always Add Egg Yolks to Homemade Ice Cream

Did you know that almost every ice cream recipe published in the past 50 years contains egg yolks? serious eating explains that it’s because these little yellow powerhouses contain a host of properties that provide flavor, stability and texture to ice cream – which can be a major benefit when you’re making the dessert at home and trying to cope with high temperatures. quality store-bought versions.

Let’s start with that last factor: texture. According to Serious Eats, egg yolks are full of fat and protein, which help thicken ice cream in their own way. Fat freezes more gently than water, helping ice cream stay creamy after freezing, and egg protein thickens into a gel during cooking, which is why we mix the yolks into the ice cream base hot – as well as in those of puddings, flans and curds.

As noted The boss is working, the magic of egg yolks doesn’t stop there: they’re also extremely effective emulsifiers, binding the fat in an ice cream base to the water in it and helping to provide a creamy, lush texture. . And there’s more: Serious Eats writes that egg yolks bring delicious flavor and wonderful color to ice cream with their dark yellow hue.

So if you haven’t tried incorporating them into your homemade ice cream, it might be time to get yourself a dozen eggs.

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