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Good morning!

I don’t usually bake a lot in the summer with all the melons and fresh fruit available, but again there is ice cream. It is enough to have ice in the summer.

Ice cream is wonderful, but we have to put it on something. What’s better than brownies?

They don’t take long to make, they’re easy, quick and so good. You can top it with frosting, ice cream, or just leave them bare. I know people who put them in a bowl and pour milk over them.

No matter how you like them, they’re always a welcome dessert for home, gatherings, or gifts.

This week’s recipe is one of my favorite brownies. It turns out perfect with its rich sweetness and chewy texture. I don’t use frosting on it, just ice cream.

Heavenly Brownies

2 sticks of unsalted butter

8 ounces bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate (I used chocolate chips)

4 large eggs

½ teaspoon of salt

1 cup of sugar

1 cup dark brown sugar, firmly packed

2 teaspoons vanilla

1 cup flour


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Line a 9×13-inch baking pan with parchment paper, making sure the parchment paper extends slightly over the sides of the pan. Grease parchment paper with butter or nonstick cooking spray. I used non-stick parchment paper.

Place butter in medium microwave-safe bowl and melt until bubbly. Add the chocolate and whisk until the chocolate is melted.

Beat the eggs in a large bowl. Add salt, sugar, brown sugar and vanilla, beating until smooth and lump-free.

Slowly stir the butter mixture into the chocolate. Add the flour and whisk until the batter is smooth.

Pour the batter into the prepared pan, spreading it evenly

Bake until the top forms a shiny crust and the dough is medium firm, about 45 minutes.

Cool completely in skillet. Lift by parchment paper and cut into squares.


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