Wentworth vs Les’ Dairy Bar Homemade Ice Cream

(WFSB) — The search for Connecticut’s favorite ice cream continues.

We started with a top 20 list, now we need your help to get to the top 10!

Every week we will have one-on-one battles.

This week it’s between Wentworth Homemade Ice Cream in Hamden and Les’ Dairy Bar in Meriden.

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The Channel 3 Ice Cream Social traveled to Hamden to check out Wentworth’s homemade ice cream, and it did not disappoint.

“We’ve been coming to Wentworth for 15, 18 years? Because we like to exercise along the Farmington Canal, so when we ride our bikes, we go off the path, get some ice cream, come back, which probably defeats the purpose of the exercise, but we love it, it’s our best kept secret. We will fight anyone who tells us Wentworth isn’t the best,” Stephanie and Nicole Bregman said.

“It’s been really busy because we’re having a heat wave, and yes, we’re making a lot of ice cream. Every day. Everything we make is fresh, every day,” said production manager Michele Montano.

“Unique flavors. They are unlike any other ice cream shop. Yeah, and they complement each other really well, it has a really nice mouthfeel too,” Stephanie and Nicole said.

Channel 3’s Ice Cream Social went to Wentworth Homemade Ice Cream in Hamden.

“You absolutely have to taste the chocolate mousse, you have to taste the coconut mounds and the chocolate salted caramel Oreo,” Michele said.

“That’s why I made the decision to buy it, it was just Wentworth’s name, everyone knows that. It’s the best ice cream,” said Kevin Neal, owner .

For more information on Wentworth’s homemade ice cream, Click here.

Meriden may be known for its steamed cheeseburger, but our ice cream night brought us to Les’ Dairy Bar, a spot that will refresh you on a scorching day.

Since 1952, Meriden’s Les’ Dairy Bar has been satisfying food lovers and is now run by lovers Francis and Amanda Hamilton.

“My dad used to take me here when I was a kid,” Francis said. Soon Francis will be a father of two children.

The pair made an unexpected move from New York to Silver City.

“COVID kind of brought our lives to a standstill, we thought we’d be living with our in-laws for two weeks when everything blew up and two years later we own a house and we own this ice cream shop” , Amanda said. “The weirdest and craziest thing is that I didn’t want ice cream, I almost cried about it, I must be the only pregnant woman in the world who owns an ice cream shop and I didn’t craving for ice cream.”

“Although I don’t expect that I’m here or that we’re running this place at this point in our lives. It’s such a blessing,” Francis said.

“Ours is real ice cream. It’s just served in machines and at a bit higher temperature than hard ice cream,” Amanda said. “Our best seller is probably our parfaits and the Vegan Peanut Butter Jelly Parfait.”

This is delicious. It’s rich, it’s thick and it’s actually really good,” said Aliyah Cummings of Meriden.

For more information on Bar Laitier Les’, Click here.

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