Try These Sweet Indulgences: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s in a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie that’s so irresistible? Natalie Keenberg, one of the friendly faces behind the counter at The sandwich corner in Palm Springs, that’s good for me: “It’s just nostalgic,” she says. This lunchtime hot spot’s version is one of my favorites. Their approach – a “house secret”, according to Keenberg, from the recipe diaries of late owner Corey Saldana, who grew up cooking alongside his mother – results in an extra-large, evenly shaped chocolate shaving. thin that is slightly crispy around the edges and perfectly soft and brittle in the center. Although The Sandwich Spot has private locations throughout California and in Reno, Nevada, you will only find Saldana’s cookie at this outpost. “The cookie is a mainstay, and we make them fresh every day,” says Keenberg. “It’s the perfect size for sharing. Or don’t share.

The real Italian caterer, with locations in Palm Desert and Palm Springs, takes an altogether different, but equally delicious, approach. “Our baker makes a very thick cookie,” says manager Jairo Quintanilla Flores. “You’re going to want a glass of milk.” It’s taller and thicker than most, which means the center remains more doughy. If for some torturous reason you have to resist immediate consumption, that mushy center results in a cookie that’s still soft on day two.

Like the one from The Sandwich Spot, this crumbly confection often sells out. So take your lunch break early and order extra if you can.

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