Trader Joe’s Snickerdoodle cookies are part of a massive recall

Enjoy Life Food’s initial recall only involved products bearing its brand name, but it recently added Trader Joe’s snickerdoodle cookies to the list of recalled products (via Snack Safely). Anyone who has these products at home should dispose of them immediately while keeping the packaging for a refund from the company.

Similar to other Enjoy Life Foods products, these cookies are considered ideal for people “with sensitivities to wheat, milk, egg, soy, and peanuts,” according to What’s Good at Trader Joe’s. The site shares that snickerdoodles are a tasty treat, which taste homemade and are safe for people with gluten sensitivities and those following a vegan diet.

Eater reports that Trader Joe’s outsources production of most of its branded products. In fact, he apparently works pretty hard to keep his sources a secret. This secret has inspired many sleuths like those at HuffPost to sniff out some of the popular grocery chain’s vendors. Trader Joe’s frequently works with companies that make the same or similar products, which is likely why it chose to work with Enjoy Life Foods to create a hypoallergenic cookie.

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