Tiffany and Leon Chen discuss their new book, “It’s Not Just Cookies: Stories & Recipes From The Tiff’s Treats Kitchen”

Cookie makers Tiffany and Leon Chen spoke with Studio 512 about their new adventure, a book titled “It’s Not Just Cookies: Stories and Recipes from Tiff’s Treats Kitchen,” which is now on sale!

“In the book, readers will get a behind-the-scenes look at how we built a first-of-its-kind on-demand delivery concept while juggling college classes at UT, hustling for years to earning a profit, adding marriage and children to the mix, and eventually, introducing hot cookie delivery to new markets across the U.S. The book, ranked #1 on Amazon in Books by cooks on pre-orders, details some of our favorite “hot cookie moments” with customers over the years, and also includes Tiff’s never-before-seen home versions of her recipes, with full-page color photos for readers to cook Tiff’s treats at home.

Tiff and Leon started working together as a sophomore in college (just 19!) over 20 years ago. Tiffany asked Leon on a date; as an apology, she baked him homemade cookies and delivered them hot – and an idea was born.

Tiff’s Treats now has 75 stores (the last one opened last week in El Paso). The brand is present in five states (Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Oklahoma) and will open in two other states this year (Florida and Denver). Corporate headquarters and flagship location are in Austin.

Leon’s best advice for beginning entrepreneurs is to to concentrate on what your dreams really are – don’t sell too soon just because you see dollar signs! Tiffany just say Go for it, because thinking about it too much can torpedo your motivation. “Think like 19 year olds!”

Win a voucher for a dozen free cookies from Tiff’s Treats with the purchase of their new book, which is available at Book People, Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon and more. Head over to to redeem!

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