This new bakery in Siglap Drive serves unique dark brownies with lots of different flavors

After a long week, why not treat yourself to something sweet? At Dr.Kitchen, that’s exactly what you would get – an absolute treat! Starting as a home-based business, they decided to expand! Famous for its unique dark brownies, you’ll never find a better place to satisfy your sweet tooth! The brownies are extravagant and rich, the perfect treat for a not-so-great week.

Extravagant Brownies at Siglap Drive

Photo: Singapore Gourmet

Dr.Kitchen is a title given to the owner, Mrs. Nadia (Lady on the left) – and honestly, it’s an apt title! Their treats are made almost surgically, every detail is considered – down to the gram of flour! But also, an important ingredient that they claim is the key to their success is love! It shows through the perfection of each treat, as well as their service! Mrs. Nadia, Mr. Hafid (man in the middle) and Mrs. Herlin (lady on the right) are the only members of staff and they treat each customer with care and are incredibly welcoming! The experience in this bakery alone is a treat!

Image: Singapore Foodie

The bakery itself is unique, to say the least. It looks very much like a jewelry store – which makes sense as their desserts are truly gems! This stain has very light tones and is pleasing to the eye. All of the colors are very pale and light, allowing us to focus on the real stars of the show: their brownies! Light colors accentuate the dark tone of the brownie. This bakery is beautiful, pure and simple.

Rich and Luxurious Dark Brownies

Photo: Singapore Gourmet

Now let’s talk about their brownies. It’s incredible. It is rich, creamy, smooth and delicious. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that these brownies are incredibly sweet! According to the owners, they use 70% dark chocolate, which gives the brownie a slight bitterness. Plus, they use less sugar than you normally would! The heart of the brownie is also gooey and melted.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Dr.Kitchen also offers many different flavors! Speculoos, Hazelnut Nutella and Sea Salt are their most popular. The outer layer of the brownie is crispy, but light. But the interior is beautifully melted! Their brownies are very similar to lava cakes! The only difference is the crispy exterior of the brownie itself. Each flavor is also well balanced with the brownies! The slight bitterness helps cut through the rich, sweet aromas, that way you don’t feel as guilty!

Hurry to Dr.Kitchen today!

Note that many people pre-order their desserts, so their goodies run out quickly, so come early or place your orders here! We suggest you come around 11am so you can sample their amazing brownies without the long lines! Come down today!

Address:20 Siglap Dr, #01-01, Singapore 456192

Business hours : Every day except Monday and Tuesday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cover picture: Singapore Gourmet

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