The unexpected ingredient you need to add to brownies

A comment on Reddit pretty much sums up what just adding salt can do to your brownies: “You won’t necessarily miss the salt on the candies if you forget about it, but it does make things great when included. ” According to The Kitchn, the salt will help balance the taste of your homemade brownies and enhance the flavors of the chocolate you use. So even if you don’t run out of salt if there isn’t any, once you’ve tasted brownies with a little salt, you may never want them again.

While you can stir a pinch of salt into your brownie batter before baking, the site recommends sprinkling a little more flaky sea salt on top once they’re ready. Salt will even stick on brownies better if you add chocolate chunks or chips, which create “gooey puddles” once they melt. When it comes to using salt in pasta, The Daily Meal strongly suggests using fine sea salt rather than regular table salt. Fine sea salt will dissolve more easily than table salt and balance the flavors much better. Also, if you use salt in any baking that requires pastry dough – pies, pies, etc. – fine sea salt will be the secret to giving your crust that golden hue.

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