Take a peek at the opening of a new patisserie in Nottingham city center

It’s the heavenly aroma that hits you – the delicious smell of sponge and icing – when you walk through the door of a new Nottingham patisserie. So it’s love at first bite. The Rotari Cakes display counter is a feast for the eyes, beauty personified with the colorful array of pink, green, red and chocolate treats.

“This is our happy place” says a sign on the wall and we can see why. If you’re not happy when you walk in, you’ll be when you leave. Customers can choose from cakes, baked and decorated in a kitchen at the back of the Carrington Street shop, which was once a solicitors’ office.

At £1.40, the delicate crispy macaroons are the cheapest item on the menu. If you really want to treat yourself, the generous slices of chocolate and orange cheesecake are £5.50. Slices of red velvet or carrot cake, the lightest pavlova with homemade strawberry jam and mini towers with layers of Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate will make your mouth water.

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Sweet-tooths can pack their treats, but the environment is so relaxing and charming – with silk flowers, contemporary lighting and relaxing jazz music playing in the background – there’s every reason you’d want to eat. and sip a cup of coffee, while pedestrians and traffic go about their daily business. Customers can take their coffee in an edible cup, a sort of cookie-like container that can be consumed once the drink has been consumed – the perfect zero-waste answer to reducing the use of take-out cups.

The shop takes the family business to the next level, a step up from cooking in a home kitchen. Former carer Elena Rotari started the home-based business in Blidworth 20 months ago, baking spectacular bespoke party cakes for birthdays and other special occasions such as baby showers – something she will continue to do.

Take a look in the gallery:

“It’s exciting but at the same time it’s challenging,” said Elena, who taught herself to cook before taking online classes. While she cooks, her daughter Sanda decorates the cakes and her son-in-law Ciprian Lup manages the administration and delivery of the business. The trio worked around the clock to fulfill the orders that exploded during the lockdown.

Instead of buttercream, the cakes have a layer of creamy mousse, made with Philadelphia cheese, and honey is used for natural sweetness instead of sugar. Former upholsterer Ciprian, who came to the UK in 2015 from Romania, said: “The feedback has been good. The Red Velvet is the most popular.

The shop is open seven days a week from 10 a.m.

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