Remembering Audrey Craig, Cake Decorator, Film Distributor, Cat Lover

Audrey Craig. Credit: Laura Craig

Audrey Craig, September 2, 1957 – August 22, 2022

Berkeley native and resident, Audrey Craig, was born at Alta Bates Hospital and attended Cragmont, Columbus (now Rosa Parks), Martin Luther King, and Berkeley High School (Class of 1975).

A very creative soul, as a teenager Audrey engaged in serious tap study and turned her bedroom into a tap studio.

She moved to the Los Angeles area to attend Cal State Northridge.

She remained in Los Angeles where she put her creativity to work as an artistic cake decorator. She has decorated cakes for many celebrities, including Cher and Paul Newman. A photo of one of his creations was published in People Magazine.

Audrey Craig. 1 credit

Audrey went on to a long career at FOX where she handled film distribution in many parts of the United States.

Audrey developed many deep and lasting friendships during her years in Los Angeles. After her father passed away in 2015, Audrey moved back to Berkeley to live in her family home and help her sister, Laura, care for their mother who died in 2019.

Audrey was extraordinarily sensitive, intelligent and intuitive, and cared deeply about others. She was a perfectionist in everything she did.

A cat lover, she had a knack for spotting and bringing home stray animals found in dumpsters and on highways. Every year during the holidays, she made care baskets for her loved ones with homemade toffee and fudge that rivaled See’s Candy. For the past several years, Audrey has served the Berkeley community by volunteering with the Berkeley Humane and the Berkeley Food Network.

Audrey Craig with her mother, Marjory. Credit: Laura Craig

Although her beauty, her light and her worth as a human being were evident to all who knew and loved her, Audrey had an ongoing struggle with an inner critic that at times made life extremely difficult.

This inner critic took hold of her despite a valiant effort by Audrey to defeat this demon that included significant help from professionals and support from loved ones. Tragically, Audrey succumbed and ended her life. She left us way too soon and we miss her.

Audrey was predeceased by her father, William Samuel Craig, and her mother, Marjory Craig. She is survived by her three sisters, Laura, Susie (Susan), Janet, her cat Jack and an extended family including an aunt, cousins, nephews and great-nieces.

We are heartbroken over the loss of our beloved Audrey and hope that she is now at peace and reunited with her parents and maker. A celebration of his life will take place soon.

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