Payasam Cakes and Mahabali Cookies for Onam

Fries and flavors make up the appetizers of Onam. Until recently, dessert, especially in Thiruvananthapuram, was almost always payasam and boli in addition to Pradhman in different flavors such as ada (rice flakes), kadala (Chickpeas), cheru pay (green gram), pazham (banana), gothambu (wheat) and so on. For two or three years, ingenious chefs and amateur pastry chefs have been innovating to invent payasam cakes!

Home baker Parvathy Ravikumar says she started making the payasam cake to provide a special Onam that went beyond the colors and imagery of the festival. “Usually the butter cake, called sadya cake or pookalam cake, is decorated in Onam colors using fondants and edible colors. I wanted to make a cake that had the flavor of Onam. That’s how I got the idea for Onam cake and boli pudding. It’s a fusion of a cake and a pudding with the flavor of payasam,” she explains. She uses ari paal payasam for the cake. The special cakes will be available until September 12 and will cost ₹1,300 per kilogram.

Payasam cakes prepared by baker Priya Venugopal

Payasam cakes made by home baker Priya Venugopal | Photo credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Priya Venugopal is another home baker who has been making the payasam cake for over a year. She uses paal ada as a filling to make his cake. Surprised by the demand for the cake, Priya also made payasam jar cakes.

“During Onam, there are more orders because customers are always looking for something different. But even after Onam, I get requests for this cake for birthdays from older people who may not like conventional market cakes. I have made several cakes for such birthday parties. Priya’s cake costs ₹1,200 for one kilogram.

Uruli Paalada Payasam Cake

Uruli Paalada Payasam Cake | Photo credit: Najeeb Raffic

Muffin House is another place for payasam cake fans. This year, all branches of the bakery-restaurant, including the one at Lulu Mall, have the payasam cake in an uruli. “We have been doing this for three years. So we make semiya payasam and it is used as a layer for a three layer cake. For Onam 2022, we are selling the cake in an uruli,” says Chef Sheriff A of Muffin House.

They sell around 500-600 cakes during Onam and it is available every day except Thiruvonam day (September 8). It is ₹1,500 for one kilogram.

Cakes, cupcakes and cookies also catch the eye during payasam and sadya season. Square One Homemade Treats at Pattom in Thiruvananthapuram has come up with a range of cakes, cupcakes and cookies that celebrate Onam.

The colorful frosting that resembles the floral carpets (pookalam) made during Onam and cookies with the same theme are hot sellers.

Square One Homemade Treats Vanilla Cookies with Frosting

Square One Homemade Treats Vanilla Cookies with Frosting | Photo credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

“We started doing this in 2021 and it was a big success. The colored buttercream frosting on the rich buttercakes makes the multicolored pookalam edible with a lamp, while the cookies come with frosting that celebrates different Onam motifs such as Atham, Mahabali, country boats and flowers,” explains store manager Georgina Shiju.

Square One Homemade Treats Pookalam Theme Cake

Square One Homemade Treats Pookalam Theme Cake | Photo credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Vanilla cookies with icing on top are ₹30 each while cakes from half a kg are ₹600 .

Plus they also have a payasam sale on the same days. Each day, five different types of payasam will be available.

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