Mike Tindall: How To Make Your “World Famous” Brownies – “Sugar Free & Gluten Free”



Mike Tindall is a former England rugby union player who married the Royal Family in 2011 with Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Phillips. Zara and Mike started dating in 2003 after meeting at the Rugby World Cup in Australia and married eight years later in Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh. Mike used the lockdown in 2020 to his advantage by creating a storm and sharing the results on social media.

The 43-year-old former rugby player showed off his baking skills by sharing a photo of his delicious “world-famous” brownies on Instagram last year.

Mike posted a hand-written guide to making sweet treats using Wizards Magic chocolate bars, along with some mouthwatering photos of the brownies after baking them.

Mike wrote: “So I decided to make my world famous brownies (my words !!) but tried to get rid of all the sugar.

“I used @thewizardsmagic and I must say it is a success !!!

“Plus, they’re gluten-free!

“So sugar-free and gluten-free soon in a store near you, that sounds great !!”

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185g dark chocolate
85g plain flour
40g cocoa
Three eggs
275g caster sugar
50g white chocolate (or, as Mike wrote next to this: “sea salt cut into pieces!”)


An Instagram follower, @ marie_1264 asked Mike if he was “taking orders”, while another asked him for the full method for his recipe.

Instagram user @ sandyfeet38 wrote “Somehow I didn’t think you could surprise me … but you did.

” YOU COOK ! “

Another, @ roycox150 added: “Well done tinds.

“If they taste as good as they look, they will be a winning partner.

“Next stop British Bake Off!”

No doubt Mike and Zara’s daughters, Mia, seven, Lena, three, and baby Lucas will appreciate Mike’s “world famous” cooking skills.

The sports star often shares snaps from his family life at the couple’s shared house on the Gatcombe Park estate in Gloucestershire, owned by Zara’s mother, Princess Anne.

Peter Phillips and his former wife Autumn also live on the estate with their children, Savannah and Isla.

Zara Tindall previously told The Sunday Times Magazine that her morning starts at 7 a.m. with Greek yogurt and honey, which she eats before using the stationary bike at her home on the grounds of Gatcombe Park.

“Lunch is simple and quick, like a soup and a sandwich or eggs and toast. I don’t diet but try to eat well and not eat too many carbs or sweet things,” he said. Zara continued.

Zara’s husband also revealed his top take-out choice, telling The Guardian in 2007: “If Zara is in competition, I’ll have my only take-out of the week.

“It would definitely be a Chinese – it could be a banquet for two but obviously it would be fair for me. I can do it quite easily.”

Zara was pictured snacking on pizza and ice cream with her daughter Mia as she attended the Gatcombe equestrian events.


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