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Is there too much of a good thing? We have to admit that sometimes the answer is yes. For example, what if you crave both brownies and cookies? You can’t do both – think about the volume of ingredients required, the dishes, and the large amount of sweets you’ll have on hand after making two full batches of desserts. Well, Martha Stewart
has a clever solution to solve your greedy problems. She’s combined brownies and cookies into one chocolatey dessert, so you can get the best of both treats with just one set of ingredients to mix and dishes to make.

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We should have known that Stewart would have the perfect recipe. After all, she literally wrote the cookie-baking book.
To capture the intensely rich, chocolatey flavors of brownies in cookie form, Stewart’s recipe includes both cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate, as well as brown sugar, which gives the cookies caramel undertones. and a bit of chewing.

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One thing that really makes these cookies taste like brownies, and not just chocolate cookies, is the addition of nuts. There are nuts in the cookies, and they are also sprinkled with nuts. They get nice and toasty while baking and are an iconic part of so many family brownie recipes, including them makes all the difference.

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Courtesy of Clarkson Potter.

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Stewart says these cookies are the perfect way to end a picnic, and we won’t argue about that. But we also think these cookies would be delicious with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two of them, and they also make a satisfying late-night treat, whether you fancy a cookie or a brownies.

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