Kit to make Gail’s fondant brownies at home

2:38 PM June 14, 2022

In our house, we all have our favorite order from Gail’s – mine is the rosemary and potato sourdough and the cinnamon rolls.

And the chain, which opened its first bakery in Hampstead High Street in 2005, has always been good at sharing recipes with fans. Now they can recreate some of the magic at home with a kit for their delicious Chocolate Fudge Pecan Brownies.

The postman delivers them in a recyclable cardboard box, with clear instructions and carefully weighed ingredients. There is a 200g bag of 70% chocolate drops, another of combined powder (200g) and brown sugar (120g) and a third of four mixed plains (130g) and cocoa powder. (45g)

The kit arrives carefully packaged and delivered to your door or can be picked up at your local Gail’s branch
– Credit: Steve Lancefield/Gail’s

A packet of sea salt goes into the final mix and pecans are scattered on top – if like us you’re not keen, you can take it easy with the nuts. You add five eggs and 170g of unsalted butter, and the elbow grease to melt the chocolate and butter in a pot of hot water, and whisk the eggs, sugar, then flour and cocoa together.

My teenager has been making Gail’s brownies for years, so the kit was a breeze for him, but for those unsure, there’s a step-by-step how-to video on YouTube. The only difficulty is the instruction to let them cool overnight in the mold before cutting them into 24 squares: “An essential step to make fondant brownies that requires a lot of willpower but it’s worth the wait.

You provide the eggs, the butter, the box and a little elbow grease, Gail's does the rest

You provide the eggs, the butter, the box and a little elbow grease, Gail’s does the rest
– Credit: Steve Lancefield/Gail’s

Reader, we didn’t get there. But our unfudy treats were always rich and more indulgent and quickly disappeared. We’ve pinned the recipe card to the fridge and will make them again, but for a fun home halfway between a bakery trip and a full home baking session the £18 kits are a good idea . Even easier is the home baked chocolate chunk cookie dough roll for £12 included in the £42 Father’s Day hamper alongside sourdough, coffee, orange juice, croissant and cinnamon bun.

To order a kit, go to and find your nearest branch for collection or delivery. Branches in Hampstead, St John’s Wood, West Hampstead, Temple Fortune, St John’s Wood, South End Green, Belsize Park, Swain’s Lane, Highgate, Kentish Town and Maida Vale.

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