Kingston, New York Shop offers homemade ice cream tacos

It’s been a miserably hot summer. One of the best ways to cool off is with a tasty ice cream, but one of America’s favorite frozen treats is soon to be discontinued. A local candy store decided to fill the void for many ice cream lovers.

There’s a place where Hudson Valley residents can get one of their favorite frozen treats.

So there are just under 1,000 left in the Klondike? It will probably be difficult to get one yourself. The Choco Taco had a cult following. It was a popular choice for customers at the gas station freezer or outside the ice cream truck.

While you might not be able to get a real Choco Taco, you can at least get a waffle ice cream taco here in the Hudson Valley.

The Kingston Candy Bar is never short of creative ideas. The store located in Kingston, New York now offers homemade frozen tacos. They look bigger, better and even tastier.

Check them out and tell me what they taste like.

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