Kate tries out the conch gun as Cambridges continue their Bahamas tour

The Duchess of Cambridge tried a local seafood delicacy in the Bahamas – said to have the same effect as Viagra.

William and Kate joined a ‘fried fish’ and it was the Duchess who was happy to sample something different known as a conch gun.

She held up the strip of flesh, which comes from the inside of the conch shell and is commonly believed to be the conch’s male genitalia, before putting it in her mouth to thunderous applause from the crowd.

Kate meets a child dressed as a princess while visiting a Fish Fry in Abaco (Chris Jackson/PA)

The Duchess joked: “I’m a bit more adventurous than William.”

As the couple joked, he said, “I can handle it.”

Kate added that she had tried the conch fritters before but hadn’t tried the conch salad yet.

William and Kate
William and Kate receive a gift (Chris Jackson/PA)

Assistant Commissioner Kendall Strachan, who was in charge of security for the tour, joked: “She got shot! He is ready to go.

At the Kow Conch Stall, owner Jade “Kow” Adderley gave Kate a knife and she got to work.

When he offered the couple a conch salad, William said, “Ladies first.” The Duchess then tried the regional dish, which she described as “delicious”.

William and Kate
The royal couple enjoy a traditional Bahamian drink (Chris Jackson/PA)

Mr Adderley said: ‘She was a good helper. I wish she would stay and help me at the stall.

When the pair approached a bar, William took an impromptu detour, and as he banged the top of the bar, he said, “That’s my stop!”

William was offered a Gullywash – coconut juice with condensed milk. He seemed to enjoy it and joked, “You talk to each other, I’m staying here,” as he took another sip.

They headed to stalls near the beach where vendors were selling handbags and homemade honey.

While speaking to stall owner Kimberly Roberts, 49, of Abaco Ceramics, William looked at the honey for sale in jars on the table, then pointed to Kate and said: “Catherine has bees at home .”

They then sampled a lobster salad at the Island Fusion streetfood stand before heading out for a boardwalk to greet the locals.

The Duke and Duchess shook hands with well-wishers and spoke to people about the effects of the recent hurricane.

Later, William played a crazy football game with a group of young boys from the Grand Bahama Children’s Home as his Caribbean tour drew to a close.

William admired a 13-year-old who used a wheelchair, and when he asked the boy what he wanted to do, the youngster replied: “playing football”.

The future king was visiting the center with his wife Kate to meet the youngsters in the house’s vast garden and learn about their lives.

The Duke and his new found friend were soon joined by other little boys and at one point there were four footballs on the pitch whizzing by with William in the goal.

Next on the 13-year-old’s list was a nearby swing and slide and he was nudged by the Duke in their direction – William later joked: “He knows that will say yes.”

As the 13-year-old boy and two other boys swung through the air, a concerned Duke smiled but said, “These swings are very high, please don’t fall.”

The Grand Bahama Children’s Home provides a warm home environment for vulnerable children who cannot live with their families.

Since its creation in 1977 by the local community, the home has welcomed more than 900 children and today takes care of about thirty children from one to seventeen years old.

When the Cambridges first arrived, they sat at a large table covered in a colorful mosaic pattern, and some of the younger children filled in the last rooms.

Kate asked a little girl in a pink tutu and tiara, “Will this fit in?” and said ‘yes’ when the youngster slit the ceramic piece home, adding: ‘You look very beautiful, I love your tiara.’

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