Mango is an emotion for anyone who loves it and surely no human loves a mango. For some it may be just a fruit like other fruits but for many it is their first love just like the song “Bachpan ka Pyaar”.

Because an Indian mango season is their joy, people eagerly await the return of the mango season while mothers wait for their children to come home. It is the emotion of taste. This is why Katrina is so famous.

The love for mango has been seen many times for ages. There are so many delicious things made from it like pickles, sharbat, mango juice, mango chutney and many more. Some like to eat it without even cutting it while others like to cut it and eat it until every drop goes into the month, finger licking mango love. Raw mango has a different fan base for its refreshing taste on the tongue, children climb trees to catch raw mango and eat it with pepper on it and its taste is appetizing.

And so for all lovers, we have a mango cake recipe that you must surely try and treat yourself to taste wonders.

Here you get a simple fresh mango cake at home, made by yourself, try it now!

How much you liked this recipe, let us know in the comments section.

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