I’m a baker, how to make your own professional looking cake for just £10 WITHOUT an oven

IF money weren’t an issue, we’d be happy to pay top dollar for a professional Instagrammable cake to celebrate ALL the birthdays of our loved ones.

But until we win the lottery, we are content in the meantime with homemade Victoria sponges.


Professional baker Reshmi made this cake for just £10 using supermarket bargainsCredit: Tiktok/@angesdesucre
She bought everything she needed for just £10 at Tesco


She bought everything she needed for just £10 at TescoCredit: Tiktok/@angesdesucre

That said, baker Reshmi Bennett has proven that you don’t have to have an exorbitant budget to achieve Bake Off-worthy success at home.

In fact, the mother – who runs Sugar Angels Bakery – showed his 53,000 Instagram followers how to rig a professional looking cake (no pun intended) for just £10.

And the best part is that you don’t even need an oven.

In her last episode of her “Fake Bake” SeriesReshmi showed fans how to put together a two-tier strawberry and cream cake using supermarket bargains.

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After going to her local Tesco, the mum bought two of their raspberry sponge cake, pink wafers, sprinkles, Mrs. Molly’s vanilla rolls, pink icing and two bars of Hershey’s strawberries and chocolate cream .

Laying down the rules for the ‘Fake Bake’ challenge, the mum explained that there was a maximum budget of £10 and she was still limited to one store too.

Also, the only additional ingredient she is allowed to use is water, and she uses no equipment other than the microwave.

Document the tutorial on it TIC Tac, Reshmi and her son started by popping one of the cakes on a plate, covering the top with frosting, then placing the other on top.

Next, mom covered the whole thing in the rest of the baby pink frosting, then melted one of her chocolate bars.

After adding a drop of warm water to the mixture, she then drizzled Hershey’s chocolate over her pre-made Swiss buns before adding a few more sprinkles.

Once this step was complete, Reshmi used the remaining chocolate to create a droplet effect on the sides of her cake, then applied the final icing on top.

To finish, she glued two of the Swiss rolls onto the frosting and added a scattering of pink wafers and pink chocolate chips.

Although Reshmi was shocked by its appearance, she was mildly miffed to find that the icing had a broken seal – so she didn’t feel comfortable letting her son dig.

She added: “Although it was a travesty that we couldn’t eat because I only found out that the icing pot had its seal broken and some rude filthy man took a finger swipe in the store, this cake is purtttyyyyy!”

Needless to say, it was a total hit with Reshmi’s supporters.

One commented, “It’s so beautiful, my favorite now.”

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Another added, “I LOVE it! Such a smart show.”

Meanwhile, a third gushed: “Your artistry shines through.”

Reshmi melted her chocolate and drizzled it over the Swiss rolls and sides of the cake


Reshmi melted her chocolate and drizzled it over the Swiss rolls and sides of the cakeCredit: Tiktok/@angesdesucre
The cake was a hit with her 53,000 Instagram followers


The cake was a hit with her 53,000 Instagram followersCredit: Tiktok/@angesdesucre

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