“I baked my own wedding cake to save money – some say I must be kidding but I love it”

The bride decided to make her own wedding cake to save money on her big day – and although some said the cake looked like ‘a joke’, she is happy with the results

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The bride bakes her own wedding cake days before the big day

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate a wedding.

As long as you and your partner are happy, there are no minimum budgets or specific requirements for food, color schemes or venues.

And a woman on TikTok named Laura really believes in that sentiment, as she decided to make her wedding day as sentimental as possible by having a homemade wedding cake she baked in her own kitchen just two days before the ceremony. .

The woman, from the United States, used Betty Crocker’s rainbow cake mix to make six sponges – three 10-inch and three eight-inch – which she then piled on top of each other with frosting between each layer to make two-tier cake.

The bride made her cake to save money



Laura was thrilled with her end result



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In his video, which was posted to him @darlinggoose account, she said, “I’m getting married in two days and today I’m baking our wedding cake.”

Laura frosted her cake and decorated it with multicolored sprinkles the day before her wedding, and added a large cake that spelled out her new last name.

She captioned the clip, “I don’t know if having my wedding cake at midnight the day before my wedding was the best idea.”

The bride was thrilled with the end result of her baking efforts, but was slammed by some of the video’s 1,000 commenters – some said it must have been a ‘joke’.

One troll said, “Is this a joke? Sounds more like it’s for a birthday.”

While another added: ‘I hear your guests judging.’

But most of the video’s commenters were hugely supportive of Laura and her decision to bake her own cake, as they said she was wise not to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional endeavor.

Someone said: “Some of these comments need to relax. It’s her wedding, she can have any type of cake she wants. I think it’s cute and unique!”

Someone else agreed, writing, “People are so mean. I don’t remember anyone’s cake at the weddings I’ve been to. If you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters. C is your day! Congratulations!”

While a third person said: “Thank goodness someone has common sense and doesn’t pay $500 (£407) for a wedding cake. You look beautiful, let that shine – not your cake!”

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