How to make a box cake taste better

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple and following the directions on your boxed cake mix. It’s classic and delicious, not to mention budget-friendly in terms of money and time. But if you knew how easy it was to take a boxed cake to the next level, it might be hard to resist the temptation to try it.

Unlike cinnamon rolls, for example, there is no single boxed cake hack that stands out from the rest. Instead, we’ve compiled a few different methods that various bakers swear by. Feel free to pick your favorite or try all three.

The main selling point of a box cake is that it only requires a few basic ingredients, one of which is usually eggs. Adding just one more egg can give you more richness in each slice.

And if you already have milk and butter in your fridge, why not use them too? Instead of oil, mix an equal amount of melted butter (or more: Dinner then Dessert recommend double the butter). Replace water with milk, dairy or non-dairy.

“Whole milk will add extra decadence to your cake,” former pastry chef Pippa Allen written for Insider. “But I also like to use buttermilk for chocolate cake mixes or coconut milk for a tropical twist.”

Another way to enrich a chocolate cake mix, by The pioneer womanis to use coffee instead of water.

As Allen pointed out, mayonnaise is mostly eggs and oil, two ingredients that a typical boxed cake already contains. Replacing the water with mayonnaise results in a particularly moist end product. Hellmann’s endorses the hack with its own recipes for “super wet” yellow and chocolate cake.

Sour cream helps produce a denser cake batter well suited to a Bundt pan, and a packet of dry instant pudding mix can deepen its flavor. These two aren’t necessarily a one-for-one swap with existing ingredients, so it’s best to pick a recipe and stick to it. Here’s a county fair winner from Allrecipes which uses devilish cake mix and chocolate pudding mix. Do you prefer vanilla? These options of beat cook eat and Cookies and cups could be more your speed. The Together as a Family recipe can work with any type of cake mix and instant pudding mix (assuming they match or complement each other).

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