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Heat waves hit Farmington, farmers.

Wednesday was so hot that I saw a few birds rolling in the mud puddles behind the post office on my way home and thought if it was a little bigger I would be tempted to join. Lulu, in her old age and full figure-ness, is content to jump in and out of the air conditioning in this wicked heat. The boys, however, aren’t too keen on having their time outside restricted. While Ruger has found that he can not only be a tripping hazard (his favorite activity) but also catch any dropped ingredients while I’m cooking if he backs up to the vent under the sink. It becomes quite a challenge to do the dishes while he sleeps. Moss, on the other hand, has found an old beach towel lying on the cool laundry room floor, which gives him every advantage to take a nap and make sure no one slips out the back door at his knowledge. We learn that Ruger doesn’t bark because the bad guys have to cross two other dogs before he deems it necessary to get involved. Don’t worry, our slice of Railroad Street is under heavy surveillance. (At least until the temperatures cool down a bit so they can play in the garden with the kids.)

About the city

Our Farmington Youth Baseball League can now add the title “Champs” to their teams. Congratulations to the 2022 Fringe B-Ball Team Champions, the Farmington Fighting Farmers, who had a perfect season with a 17-0 record. The children played their hearts out and really had a lot of fun. The MCPARC Playground program is in place and operating at the Farmington Community Building and Ballfield. The program is aimed at 6-13 year olds and runs Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. until July 21. Lunch is offered for children and the program, which includes trips to Wave Tek, guest speakers, activities, etc., is free of charge for parents.

You can pre-order t-shirts now for the 3rd Annual Mike McKinzie Memorial Poker Run. Orders will be taken until July 10 at a cost of $20 each. St. Peter’s had a very successful clean-up day this past weekend. Several parish members and volunteers helped clean the interior and exterior of the church. We are so lucky to have such well maintained religious houses in our community. Please also say a prayer for the safe travels and improved health of Father Binu’s father. He returned to his native country after being called there by this family. Also wish good luck to birthday girl Sharon Tassone who was in the hospital. We hope she will get better very soon. Happy birthday to Randy and Ruth Lemley. The daily special at Baker’s nook is the Turkey Club Cronini with potato salad for $9.50. Go out and get one before they’re gone!

A special thank you to everyone who came out to the car wash last weekend to support the North Marion High Band and Guard. We’ve collected enough for each participating student to earn a little towards their group’s camp fee. It was the first opportunity for some of the kids to interact with our new 8th graders who can now call themselves real members of the Freshman band. It’s going to be a great year!

past years

A very happy birthday to our great state of West Virginia. It was June 20 that our wild and wonderful WV was born during such a time of great strife in our divided country. It’s hard to believe that we celebrated our centennial in 1963, which for many of you was a time when teenagers walked the halls of Farmington High, organized housework as newlyweds, started families and were making many memories in our beautiful city and communities. You may remember the No. 1 hits from that year, like “Hey Paula”, “Walk Like A Man”, “He’s So Fine”, “It’s My Party”, “My Boyfriend’s Back”, ” Sugar Shack”, “Surfin USA”. and “Blue Velvet”. The celebrations took place across the state, with Summers County hosting an all-day countywide event featuring the longest picnic table in the state. Charleston’s party included a 500-pound birthday cake that was four and a half feet tall in the shape of a huge star. It had 35 diapers to signify it was the 35th state to join the Union. It was expected to yield 2,500 servings. I dug up a column on the 1913 statehood 50th anniversary celebration and they suggested that 2,000 communities would celebrate our statehood. Going a step further, they asked what would it take to fit all 2,000 cakes into one? The estimate was that it would take 16,000 eggs, 750 pounds of butter, 300 pounds of sugar and of course all your flour, flavoring extracts and such. While a birthday cake would cost a modest 35 cents, this big birthday cake would set you back around $700. Can you imagine all that frosting? That sweet tooth can!

Change of date of the parish feast

The celebration of the parish day of St. Peter has been changed to Sunday July 24. In case you haven’t heard, the church celebrates St. Peter’s Day with a special invitation to all current and past members. They will celebrate Mass and follow with a covered dinner. Meat, beverages and stationery will be provided by the parish. It will also begin as the kick off of their 100 years as a parish. What an achievement!

Northern News

An online parent meeting for anyone interested in having their student join the robotics team will be held Monday at 4 p.m. You can email [email protected] or [email protected] or message them on the Facebook page for an invite. A long-time Husky teacher, Doc Curtis retired after 36 years of teaching. Good luck for a well-deserved retirement. The North Marion High School Men’s Basketball Team will host their annual NM Men’s Basketball Golf Tournament. It will take place on August 12 at the Green Hills Country Club near Monongah. Not only are they looking for local groups and businesses to sponsor, but they are also participating in the tournament this year. The cost is $80 per player or $240 per team. North Marion Cross Country will have recurring live workouts this week from the 21st-23rd and 28th-30th on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only. They meet at the North Marion track from 5-7 p.m. And North Marion Band’s Drumline/Drum Major/Guard practice starts Tuesday the 21st in the Music Room from 5-8pm and again the following week on the 28th and 30th. Full band practices start after the 4th of July holiday . There is still time to join!


Special birthday wishes to Makayden Martin, Preson Roach, Debbie Stahl, Michael Hayes, Aubrey Hoskins, Lindsey Lapeer, Tom Browning, Odessa Carpenter, Dave Michalec, Vickie Starsick, Sharon Tassone and Gary O’Dell. Because I think a little fuss needs to be made, if you have some time, please wish my grandmother, Meredith Banick, a very special birthday tomorrow. She and Rudy have had a hell of a year and I think some love needs to be sent to her on her special day. (but don’t think I’m going to let the birthday slip away! She’ll always be a young grandma to me because I made her one.)

The ins and outs

Mountaineer Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry will distribute supplies to North Marion High on Thursday, June 30 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. while supplies last. Noah’s Ark Assembly of God hosted a slip ‘n slide kickball game the other night and let me tell you, it was a community buzz. Maybe every city could get a team together and we could start a slip ‘n slide kickball league. Wouldn’t that be something? The full schedule has been announced for Fairview’s 4th of July celebration. This year they are proud to say they are returning to their traditional all day schedule with the Ray Hedrick 5K fun run, parade, guest speakers, musical guests, artisans, games and all works until fireworks.

Opening day of Papa Joe’s Famous Meats

Monday is the big day for Papa Joe’s Famous Meats. The business opens at 3349 Freedom Highway in Monongah and is brought to the people of Marion County by Papa Joe Manchin’s great-grandson of Farmington. They’ll bring back the famous recipe he used when he made his homemade sausage and other delicacies in the late 60s. Stop by and wish them luck! It’s not every day that someone’s legacy is passed on to another generation.

Final Thoughts

Tried the new Strawberry Frosty at Wendy’s. My grandfather Huck Jones loved a good strawberry milkshake. Even when he reluctantly took me to McDonalds (he would tell me when we walked past that they were closed. Once I was older I was like, “But Huggy Bear, there are people there- in it!” to whom he told me they were cleaning it. All so he could carry on down the street and take me to his favorite, Long John Silvers.), and never changed flavors unless we n were going to the Igloo where we both had a raspberry cone. My honest opinion is that it’s tasty, but I’d rather drive across town to the Dairy Creme Corner and get myself a raspberry ice cream and eat it until I’m deliciously sick. You can reach me this week from Tuesday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. because we are closed on Monday for the holidays. I am also available by phone at 304-367-2527 or by email at [email protected] Stay safe, hydrated and cool, farmers.

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