How Common Baking Mistakes Change Homemade Brownies



  • I intentionally made nine common baking mistakes while baking brownies to see how each would affect the finished product.
  • Whether it’s not using enough butter, adding too much flour, or mistaking baking soda for baking powder, there’s a lot of mess to be made.
  • Leaving the eggs out left me with an inedible sweet soup, but adding the extra flour made for a more chewy and delicious brownie.
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When it comes to pastry browniesI usually stick to the mix that comes in a box. It’s convenient, and it’s pretty hard to go wrong. It turns out that cooking them from scratch is much easier to spoil; there are more measures, ingredients and room for human error.

To find out how some of these classic mistakes would alter my dessert, I intentionally made nine baking faux pas using the same brownie recipe. To keep things consistent I found Hershey’s Best Brownie Recipe online and stayed there the entire time.

I learned a lot from this day in the kitchen, but probably the most important rule of thumb is that you can’t rush a brownie out of your pan. Let them cool first, otherwise they will collapse completely – it took me three batches to figure this one out.

From confusing baking soda and baking powder to forgetting to add the eggs, here’s what happened when I made nine classic mistakes.


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