Hot Oven Cookies expands to new location in Westfield

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) — There’s some exciting news for cookie lovers from Springfield’s Hot Oven Cookies. The favorite dessert is opening its third location on East Main Street in Westfield as its business continues to grow.

“We sell every day. We have people who arrive at two, three o’clock to come and see us… I have no words, like it was so cool to watch it unfold and know that we have such a big impact on the community, especially in COVID and the time after,” said Sheila Coon, owner of Hot Oven Cookies.

Coon told Western Mass News it was time to open an additional location to meet the demand of his growing business.

“We’re packed… We’ve been looking at Westfield for a while. We wanted to go out in this area. My daughter lives here and told me it was a great place. We have been operating it for more than a year and a half and this opportunity has presented itself to us. The owner came to tell us about this opportunity, and we couldn’t pass it on,” Coon explained.

She told us that Hot Oven Cookies specializes in high-quality homemade cookies in more than 500 flavors on a rotating menu and that the Westfield site will feature new offerings.

“The plan for Westfield that we are working on is that people will be able to customize their dough online and come and collect it or customize it via kits, so we are trying to decide what would be best and most doable and there are a few d ‘other things we don’t want to talk about yet,’ Coon noted.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing other local businesses to close, Coon told us that they plan to continue to develop hot baked cookies even more.

“We are actually excited to announce that we are looking at a growth path for next year. We hope to open our first store in Connecticut next year and our first store in Boston. We have a lot of support in Boston” , Coon said.

The Westfield location is expected to open by the end of this year.

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