Hill’s Minnow Farm Homemade Ice Cream is a Big Hit


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ROWAN COUNTY, North Carolina – The sound of a successful 1930s engine has become a real draw outside Hill’s Minnow Farm on Bringle Ferry Road.

“You have to go as fast as the machine goes, you have to keep up,” said Lisa Hill, who you will find, along with her husband Ben, every Friday and Saturday making ice cream outside the store at the closed.

“My grandfather started the business with a little bait shop behind the store,” she said.

They still sell minnows and pretty much anything you can imagine.

“I think when you walk into the store I think you are amazed at how much we have,” Hill said. “We kind of started making ice cream to save money for our wedding and after our wedding we just kept making ice cream because everyone wanted it.”

So much so that they can hardly meet demand.

“We make the ice cream as fast as it comes out,” said Hill, who came up with about 30 different recipes. “Our two best ice creams are Peach Ice Cream and Cheerwine Ice Cream.”

No matter which one you choose, it will delight your taste buds.

“I like telling people the flavor comes out and slaps you in the face,” she said. “The best thing about ice cream is how happy it makes people. “

Hill’s Minnow Farm is located on Bringle Ferry Road on the Rowan County side of High Rock Lake just past Dan Nichols Park. They make ice cream on Friday and Saturday and are usually full on Monday.

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