Handel’s homemade ice cream in Mayfield Heights will open on August 4

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio – A new Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop is opening in Mayfield Heights. And according to the store owner, future customers can hardly wait.

“I get calls every day asking when are we going to open,” owner Jennifer Leskovac said. “People are saying they’re tired of driving to Twinsburg and Northfield (the closest Handel locations) and want to know when we’re opening.”

To all ice cream lovers, here’s the answer: the big day is coming Thursday (August 4th).

Handel’s will hold its grand opening celebration at 1249 SOM Center Road in Mayfield Heights. That day — and all seven days of each week — Handel’s will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Mayfield Heights Town Center mall, which also recently hosted Crumbled cookies and is home to, among other businesses, Five Guys.

To find Handel, look for the red, white, and blue awning.

The first 50 customers who make purchases on Thursday will receive a free ice cream cone once a week for the following year.

Leskovac grew up in Boardman, near Youngstown, and for this reason she grew up with Handel’s, which Alice Handel founded in 1945 in Youngstown. Today, the franchise is growing rapidly, with ice cream parlors in 10 states and many more to come.

What makes Handel special?

“It’s homemade ice cream that we make every day,” Leskovac said. “We have 48 flavors. I think it’s the best ice cream in the world.

Leskovac said the store will always have 48 flavors, 28 of which will change monthly or sometimes on shorter notice.

When asked to highlight some of the best and most unique flavors, she mentioned Graham’s Central Station, which features ice cream and graham cracker flavored chunks, with a chocolate ripple; salted caramel truffle; and the new coconut caramel delight.

“We have a lot of great flavors,” she said. “In Youngstown, the number one flavor is chocolate pecans, with salted pecans. Here (in Mayfield Heights), it might be something different.

“This month we have two special flavors: peach and pineapple upside-down cake.”

“We have sherbet and sherbet,” said Leskovac, who like her husband and co-owner, John, also works as a nurse anesthetist.

“And, we have sundaes; Hurricanes (ice cream and mixed toppings); brownie and banana sundaes; Dogsters (peanut butter and mint ice cream for dogs); milkshakes; Handel Pops (chocolate, vanilla or mint chocolate chip ice cream dipped in chocolate); waffle cones and waffle bowls; and pints and pints.

The Mayfield Heights Handel’s will employ 20 to 30 people; Leskovac said she is still looking for assistant shift supervisors.

Handel customers can also be served through DoorDash.

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