Giada De Laurentiis Frozen Brownies Test Didn’t Go As Planned

In a recent TikTok post, Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis tried the frozen brownie trend — and, boy, was she excited about it. Unfortunately, her longtime partner, Shane Farley, wasn’t so convinced. After enthusiastically explaining the principle, waiting for the brownies to bake and then cooling in the ice bath, and even making a control batch of brownies (conventionally cooled for comparison), De Laurentiis introduced the two types of brownies. at Farley. It took him a while (set to a soundtrack reminiscent of “Jeopardy’s music on hold”) to grasp the concept before revealing his ultimate decision.

When asked to pick which one tasted more chocolatey between the ice bath brownie and the clearly labeled “regular” brownie, Farley said one was “significantly better”, hilariously pointing to the standard standard brownie, straight out of the box. , leaving De Laurentiis doubled in laughter. So if you want to know if the glazed brownie method really creates a “truffle” type brownie, as De Laurentiis called it in his explanation, you’ll have to try this test for yourself. You can even double the hacks with that unexpected ingredient you need to add to brownies for an even better basic dessert for your research.

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