Free brownies as popular patisserie opens second branch

The second branch of a popular patisserie will be unveiled today. Foodie shoppers have been lapping up the treats from Scrumbles Cake Shop since it opened in Leek in 2019.

The business has grown steadily since then and quickly outgrew its small premises on St Edward’s Street. Now owners Sarah Barber and Beth Charles have opened another store – complete with a huge new kitchen in which to create their amazing baked goods.

Brown Edge’s new premises have been completely renovated over the past two months, and Sarah and Beth are delighted to welcome their new customers. There should be plenty, judging by the pop-up shops they held in the High Lane unit – formerly Keith’s Workshop – which saw cake lovers queuing around the block.

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The new shop opens at 11am on Saturday March 20 and the first 50 customers to spend £20 will receive a goody bag, while the first 150 through the doors will receive a free brownie. Cabinets will be filled with brownies, blondies, cookies and more from Scrumbles.

Beth, 32, from Cheddleton, said: “We’re nervous but really excited. When we opened in Leek we realized within months that it wouldn’t be big enough, so we looked for something bigger.

“When we saw this it was perfect. We did everything – new walls, floor, ceiling, electrics and plumbing. Things went wrong and it was quite stressful, but we finally got there.”

Scrumbles Pastry at Brown Edge

Sarah, 27, from Leek, said: “The kitchen was specially designed for us. Our kitchen in Leek is about a tenth the size and we were on top of each other all the time. This one is amazing, us “I have a lot more space and there is room for us to grow. I didn’t expect the company to do as well as they have so far, I can’t believe it.”

Sarah and Beth created Scrumbles in 2017 while working together at an insurance company. Seeking a career change, they launched their own bakery brand, selling at Totally Locally Leek market events.

They were both laid off in January 2019, so they took the plunge to open a physical store in April. When the St Edward Street store had to close during lockdowns, they offered a click-and-collect and delivery service. The Business Partners have recently scored a number of successes, including a mention in Stacey Soloman’s book and winning a huge social media campaign contest.

They thank their loyal customers Leek for helping them through the pandemic. Beth said: “Leek’s customers are really loyal and the Totally Locally movement is awesome. Straight after Covid people were coming back to the store.”

Sarah added: “The people of Leek definitely helped us during the lockdown. If we had been somewhere else I don’t know if we would have been able to recover.”

The Brown Edge store, located just off the main road next to Nisa, has parking and is only a 16 minute drive from the town centre. Fans of Stokie cake will therefore be able to enjoy it. Hours of operation are yet to be finalized, but Sarah and Beth hope to open Thursday through Sunday.

They also hope to increase the opening hours of the Leek store, which is currently open on Fridays and Saturdays. They are in the process of recruiting new employees to help them run the two outlets.

The ambitious duo also sell their wares at specialist markets in Trentham and Leek and – now they have a bigger kitchen at their disposal – plan to start taking orders for festive cakes again.

Keep an eye on the Scrumbles Facebook page for updates on opening hours.

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