Father’s Day Cookies Giveaway Pantry Meal Kits

Meal kits like this are created by The Community Gourmet and are designed to help people in need of food. So far, 120 kits have been distributed to pantries. The Community Gourmet is offering homemade chocolate linzer cookies for Father’s Day at a suggested price of $15 per dozen donations. Courtesy picture

KENNNEBUNK – Ordering a dozen delicious homemade chocolate linzer cookies for Father’s Day can help provide meal kits and recipes for those with limited access to food.

The Gourmet Community offers a dozen cookies for a suggested donation of $15. The money is used to create meal kits that can be used on their own or in concert with other foods available at pantries and farmers’ markets.

Founder Traci Anello creates meals made from non-perishable foods to help people stretch their food budget.

While she creates several kits, the first includes dry pasta, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, mayonnaise and two pizza doughs. It also comes with recipes, suggestions and a cooking utensil.

“For our Mother’s Day fundraiser, we borrowed a commercial kitchen and baked 45 dozen raspberry linzer cookies and advertised them on The Community Gourmet Facebook page, for a suggested donation of $15 per dozen,” Anello said. “The response has been overwhelming and has allowed us to create many, many kits that have been distributed throughout southern Maine and New Hampshire.”

“We’re doing another Father’s Day fundraiser on June 19 when we’ll be giving away chocolate linzer cookies for a suggested donation of $15 a dozen,” she said.

Since the beginning of January this year, The Community Gourmet has distributed 120 kits through the York County Shelter Food Pantry, the Kennebunk Chamber of Commerce Little Pantry and local churches.

For Father’s Day cookies, send a message to La Communauté Gourmande on its Facebook page or by email [email protected] It accepts Venmo: @thecommunitygourmet or cash on pickup, scheduled for 1-3 p.m. Saturday June Kennebunk Kennebunkport and Arundel Chamber of Commerce on Water Street

Every $15 donation creates 21 servings of a nutritious meal.

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