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CANONSBURG – Selling cookies, coffee and biscotti at Pittsburgh Farmers’ Markets for four years wasn’t enough for Liza Betsch, so the Moon Township native opened a bakery right across from First Street Elementary School . The grand opening on Saturday was the first time Betsch and its batches of giant cookies, cakes and assorted sweet treats have been available outside of Allegheny County.

“It was all part of the plan: to be here, to be near the store. I came here, I loved the area, I loved the people, ”she said,“ but the whole plan was to bring downtown to the hometown, and to make it happen. happen, you have to be here (in Canonsburg) so people don’t go to Pittsburgh, ”said Betsch, who moved to Canonsburg a year ago.

The store’s namesake giant cookie flavors range from red velvet to caramel apple, but Betsch said two of them stand out among customers.

“The Midnight Express is popular. It’s a double chocolate with pieces of espresso and dark chocolate. And we are well known for our lemon cookies. They’re tangy and sweet, ”she said.

Not betraying the name of the bakery, everything is done on site with the help of two full-time employees and a handful of part-time seasonal bakers. For Melissa Siders, who moved from Peters Township to Canonsburg three years ago, she doesn’t see her job as work.

“How often do you come and enjoy every aspect of the job? And to make customers happy – there’s no such thing, “Siders said,” and with Liza, I’ve never had a boss who appreciates you so much and works with you in the trenches.

In the history of the gang, the old-fashioned nut rolls weigh the heaviest – and hugely popular on Saturday as at least five customers dated one – and a testament to Betsch’s perfectionism.

“We started these in the fall at farmers’ markets and they became gangbusters. It took me a while to get my grandma’s recipe perfect, but that’s what she said – you have to train with these, ”Betsch said.

Along the cramped candy aisles are staples for a nutritious meal: homemade pasta, olive oils and vinegars, pickled beets and jellies and dry soup mixes.

“Everything is here. We optimize the space. And I’m always looking for a local, fair trade coffee vendor, ”Betsch said,“ otherwise I have a lot of other products that are made and bought locally; a lot here in Canonsburg, like the soaps and candles of Overhill Lane. They have cupcake style bubble bath soaps that are lovely.


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