Everything we know about the viral TikTok brownies recipe comment

Makes me want brownies!!!

If you spend the majority of your free time on TikTok, you will have noticed that the comment sections are currently awash with the same chocolate brownie recipe. It’s not really clear why people do it, it’s just that they are and the recipe never changes. Here’s everything you need to know about the TikTok chocolate brownies recipe comment, but first the most important part of the trend:

Here’s how to make the chocolate brownies from the recipe in the TikTok comments

So there is no real timetable or order of Ingredients but you will need everything below:

• Half a cup of butter

• Two eggs

• A cup of sugar

• A third of a cup of cocoa powder

• Two teaspoons of vanilla extract

• Half a cup of flour

The rest is up to you, good luck. Now let’s see why the reasons why we can’t escape this annoying trend.

People do it just to piss other people off

So there is no real background for this trend, but it is practically impossible to avoid it. Many people started reacting to the trend by sharing the chocolate brownie recipe in the comments of TikTok and saying “Here’s the recipe to shut the fuck up” – how sweet.

It just seems like a method to annoy people and it clearly works as some people have even gone so far as to tweet about it. One person wrote: “Whoever started this trend of commenting on underage and brownie removal recipes on TikTok, I hope your charger never works and you always get your long sleeves wet when you wash your hands . I fucking hate you.

Another person said: “Whatever TikTok brownie recipe joke is, it needs to stop. Most annoying humor I’ve ever seen. God, even the glitter emoji around the text was better than this bullshit. So yeah , it’s safe to say that this trend is really pissing some people off.

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