Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies | Brownie Recipes

Big fan of chocolate spread? It’s hard not to be. If you’re looking for a little more chocolate-nutty satisfaction in your life, here’s a fun dessert you can whip up in minutes.

All you need is chocolate spread, eggs and flour. The sugar, fat and flavor come from the spread, the sourdough from the eggs and flour ties it all together.

Controversial opinion here, but I’m more of a cakey brownie girl, not a big fan of the fudge genre, which to me tastes like chewing on undercooked bread, but I respect fudge lovers, so I took that into account in the cooking time. If you want your brownies to be a little gooey inside, take them out a little earlier.

How to make the easiest brownies

In a large bowl mix:

  • 1 x 750g chocolate spread in jar
  • 5 eggs

Mix well until homogeneous then sieve:

Fold to form a smooth dough, but don’t overwork. A few small lumps are fine.

Pour the batter into a medium-sized lined roasting pan and bake at 180°C for 15 to 20 minutes. I baked them for 20 minutes and they were a little thinner than usual, but best to check them after 15 minutes and if they’re still fluffy, continue as needed.

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