Crowd Favorite: Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Ice cream sandwiches are the most satisfying, delicious, and easiest treat to make. Although the season is coming to an end, the heat is still here, so get good and gooey with this simple ice cream sandwich recipe.


Organic (and fluffy) cookie dough – we love chocolate chips, but you can pretty much use any cookie recipe you like.
Organic ice cream – choose your flavor, but remember that vanilla appeals to everyone (mix and match batter and ice cream for a fusion that combines your favorite flavors – for example, ginger molasses cookies and chocolate ice cream). You can use rice, avocado, banana, or coconut ice cream for this recipe if you want to make it vegan.

Optional: crushed nuts, seeds, coconut shavings, chocolate chips, nuggets for rolling the edges.


Once you’ve made the cookie dough, bake your cookies until just set (try not to overbake them). They shouldn’t look slimy anymore, but don’t let them get too hard. Bake the cookies on a wire rack for only about five minutes.

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While the cookies are cooling, take the ice cream out of the freezer and scoop it out of the container in strips or blocks about the size of a cookie using a butter knife. You don’t want to scoop the ice cream with an ice cream scoop, because you want the ice cream to fit between the two cookies.

Now to make the sandwiches. Take one cookie, gently lay the ice cream strips over the cookie and press a second cookie on top. You’ll have to do it quickly because the ice will melt pretty quickly! If using one of the optional ingredients, roll the cookie sandwiches in them now so the ingredients stick to the ice cream. And of course, we recommend eating the sandwich as soon as you’ve made it (and then having another one?).

If you want to save your ice cream sandwiches for future enjoyment, you can freeze them. Let the cookies cool for a little over 5 minutes so they don’t get too hot when you make the sandwiches. Once you have assembled an ice cream sandwich, wrap it individually in plastic wrap and place it in the freezer, where it will keep for a few months. Be sure to save your cookies though, because that way they’ll stay moist even if you freeze them.

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