Children celebrate the Platinum Jubilee with the re-enactment of the Queen’s Coronation

The Kelso Children commemorated the Platinum Jubilee with a reenactment of the Queen’s coronation in 1952.

Members of local Cub Scouts, Scouts and Guides groups recreated the event on Saturday as part of the third day of Jubilee celebrations in the Scottish Borders town.

Susannah Ayling, 12, took on the role of Queen.

She was escorted by an entourage of fellow cast members and representatives of local organizations in a parade led by Pipe Major Mark Macrae as they made their way to the town square.

The cast was made up of children from the Cubs, Scouts and City Guides groups (Jane Barlow/PA)

The parade was greeted by crowds and a marching band, before the ceremonial party took the stage.

The re-enactment was narrated by Alasdair Hutton and speeches were given by Second Lieutenant Lord John Jeffrey.

The festivities continued with entertainment, market stalls and a funfair.

The costumes and props for the re-enactment were all homemade and included an orb that was created from a ball valve that had been sprayed and decorated.

Liz Hird, one of the event organizers, said: “It was a wonderful day, we had a great turnout. It was the most beautiful of days, the sky was blue and it went really well.

“I think the kids who took part in the re-enactment were nervous at first, but I think by the time they did it and realized the reaction they got, they were extremely proud and they walked away from it. will remember all their life.

“And that’s what it was about, it was about involving the kids and all the uniformed organizations, the Cubs and the Boy Scouts and the Brownies and the Girl Guides, they were all there, in uniform, flying the flag.

“It was a big memorable thing for them.”

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