Big Bear Damn Fine Homemade Cookies



Biscuits, damn it and homemade: it’s hard to resist. And when a friend’s WeChat lit up with some stares real homemade cookies to be delivered here in Beijing, I couldn’t resist jumping on this action immediately.

Big Bear Bakery Products, led by American expatriate Jonathan Ellis, makes three types of cookies, in batches small enough and imperfectly shaped so that you know they were made by hand. They taste homemade too – and they would make a perfect excuse for you to throw any diet you’re on out the window and indulge yourself.

Currently, Big Bear makes three varieties, and here they are, ranked in order of delight by our own greedy taste buds after a batch was delivered to our office this afternoon:

The Mud and snow are the cream of the crop. Despite its slightly murky name, the cookie is irresistible. Composed of a huge chunk of dark chocolate in a cookie base and sprinkled with rocky sea salt, the cookie sings with deep notes of dark chocolate accompanied by the shine of salt. It was by far the most popular of the bunch, and it wasn’t long before voracious office mates made them disappear.

Next in the sequence of delights was the Eye of the mind, an oatmeal cookie loaded with cranberries, macadamia and white chocolate. The cookies were chewy and flavorful, without the unpleasantly rough texture you sometimes encounter in an oatmeal cookie. The cookie could have used a little more acidity from the cranberries, but overall the variety of ingredients made it a lively alternative to the other two.

The Triplets, purported to be made from three types of chocolate, were higher-than-ordinary versions of your standard chocolate chip cookie, but were made somewhat ordinary by their placement alongside its two even more delicious cousins.

Big Bear’s products are definitely made to order and it looks like Ellis has his hand in every batch, so don’t expect miracles – but he will do his best to make a made-to-order batch for delivery in east Beijing within 48 hours. Sachets of five cookies are 30 RMB for Triplets and 35 RMB for others; boxes and larger orders are also available.

Order cookies by sending an email stating what you want to [email protected] and Ellis will respond with details, or visit


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