B.lovd offers cookies with a hidden love message

Montreal-based B.lovd is a new gourmet cookie company. Founded during the pandemic by Rachelle Claveau, B.lovd’s cookies are natural and homemade, and they all contain a word advocating self-love.

It’s a social enterprise that uses the power of positive words and cookies to spark a conversation about self-love and generate funds for organizations that help build self-esteem in the community. I interviewed Claveau about his passion for cookies and mental well-being.

What prompted you to launch B.lovd and when did you start it?

RC: I was looking for a way to change the conversation from grim COVID news to cookies that love you, and get everyone talking about the importance of self-love. It seems like everything good in life happens to you when you love yourself and are kind to others.

Where are your cookies made?

RC: I created all the recipes originally, but they are cooked in the Mile-End of Montreal. In the beginning, I did everything myself with the help of my mother and my daughters. We quickly realized that we needed a professional, certified kitchen with a professional baker. I’m probably spending way too much money, but I guess I’m learning as I go.

Rachelle Claveau

What challenges have you encountered during your food entrepreneurship journey?

RC: Finding the right suppliers to get my cookies exactly as I planned them, including messaging, ingredients and packaging, was a challenge.

What makes the company and cookies unique?

RC: We believe in clean cooking (organic as much as possible, healthy, without white sugar). Also, the outpouring of love and kindness you receive when you read your hidden message is unique.

Where are your products sold?

RC: Our cookies are sold on Blovd.ca and Facebook.

How do you handle supply chain issues?

RC: So far, so good. We didn’t encounter any major problems at all. We have a diverse range of suppliers to rely on.

What are your future plans?

RC: I see B.lovd becoming a global social enterprise that could exist anywhere (adapt recipes and messages) fulfilling our vision of creating jobs around the world while spreading love and kindness.

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