A Peek Inside: Sweet Creek Cookies

CLEAR WATER, Wis. (WEAU) – If you’re looking for homemade, homemade sugar cookies for a special occasion, we’ve got the place for you. We take “A Look Inside” Sweet Creek Cookies and the woman behind these bespoke delights.

“These will take a while to dry…”

For Danielle Nyberg, decorating cookies is undoubtedly a labor of love.

“It’s a little disappointing because people think it’s easy and quick and really, it’s very complex.”

Nyberg says she’s always been creative and artistic, so when her sister asked her to help bake cookies for her niece’s birthday in the summer of 2020, Danielle thought why not.

“And then I fell in love with it…for me it got pretty easy and I was like OMG it’s fun and I can do any design I want sometimes people have their own idea , which is fine but it’s nice to have creativity the freedom to do whatever you want.

It wasn’t until she baked cookies for her daughter’s Girl Scout year-end party that Danielle realized she was on the verge of something special.

“and the parents were like these are so good and beautiful, are you selling them?” And I was like, no (laughs) I’m not selling them, it’s like the first set I did…and my husband was just like ‘do it’, start a business.

Nyberg says that at first she accepted all the orders that came her way, which quickly wore her out. Its only goal now, to make personalized cookies.

“If you want it to say your wedding date or you want it to say your child’s name or how old it’s going to be or you have a specific cartoon in mind that you really want it represents, it’s exactly what I love to do, I do all the custom work,” says Nyberg.

His Sweet Creek Cookies include holiday themes, of course the Packers and Badgers and even the popular TV sitcom The Office. Using a projector, Danielle is able to create cookies that absolutely wow her customers.

“I can project onto the cookie like a specific font that I like for the set and I’ll make sure it’s completely centered, when I started I didn’t have a projector so when I would write a name, it would be off-center or right,” says Nyberg.

The magic of Sweet Creek Cookies happens right in Danielle’s own kitchen, she says start-up costs are minimal.

“And so these are the colors that I use, these are gel food colors from Americolor. You can just buy it on Amazon.

“To start, you just have to buy all the ingredients and if you want to do it full time, it’s not much more expensive.”

Her advice to anyone with a passion for cookie making or starting their own business.

“If you’re itchy, love what you’re doing, go ahead and make it happen…It’s easy to do and get started. and I say if you’re hesitant about want to do it or not, GO FOR IT.

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