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Forget broccoli and spinach for today – here’s the superfood everyone loves to eat!

The juicy pink smile of a slice of watermelon (one cup diced) is actually a 92% water thirst quencher. More than in a banana, its richness in potassium also makes it a good preventative against heatstroke.

Plus, it contains a giant dose of glutathione to deter free radicals and boost the immune system.

Watermelon is second only to tomato as a key source of lycopene, a cancer-fighting antioxidant, and it’s also high in vitamin C.

This superfood has as much fiber as a slice of whole-wheat bread and also contains vitamin A, thiamin and magnesium, and all for just over 50 calories per cup.

In fact, it’s enough to know that you can eat this treat at any time and feel good doing it.

Selection: Look for one with a brown stem attached. Hit the center to see if it makes a good sound. It means it is ripe.

Storage: Uncut watermelons can be stored unrefrigerated for three to four days. After cutting, cover and refrigerate remaining pieces.

For a refreshing thirst quencher, puree with apple and lemon juice, or freeze this puree for popsicles.

Although we don’t recommend eating them, watermelon seeds are a popular remedy for high blood pressure. The seeds contain the compound cucurbocitrin, which helps dilate capillaries and stimulate kidney function – key mechanisms for lowering blood pressure.

Is there anything more delicious than late summer watermelon, ripened under the scorching sun until juicy and fragrant?

Not really, and when you find yourself wilting in the late summer heat, a cold watermelon agua fresca or ice cold watermelon slush is perfect to help you cool down and relax. Adults and kids alike will love them, and it’s easy to add your own twist with additional flavorings or cantaloupe instead of watermelon.

Watermelon Agua Fresca
4 cups cubed seeded watermelon
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup white sugar (or to taste)
1 lime
24 fresh mint leaves

Combine watermelon and water in a blender and puree until smooth. Add sugar to taste. Cut the lime into small wedges (you will need about 8), then place one wedge in each serving glass and three mint leaves. Mash with a cocktail muddler (a wooden spoon handle also works), then add ice. Pour the agua fresca over the ice, stir, then serve.

Watermelon slush
4 cups cubed seeded ripe watermelon (188 calories)
2 tablespoons of sugar (32 calories)
1 tablespoon lime juice (30 calories)
About 3 cups of ice cream

Mix fruit, melon, sugar and juice until liquid. Add ice and continue blending until the liquid reaches a slush consistency.

In the whole mix, there are about 250 calories.

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