16 people making frozen treat freezers for a homemade ice cream contest at the senior center

Friday is the day senior citizens will have the opportunity to beat the crazy Texas heat at the Homemade Ice Cream Freeze Off at the Senior Citizens Center.

Ice cream freezers at a former Senior Citizens Center ice cream event

As of Tuesday morning, 16 people had confirmed they would make homemade ice cream freezers for older people to enjoy and judge. That’s right – this contest will be judged by those who attend. This is a popularity contest seniors won’t want to miss. Just make sure you get your “chip” or ballot so you can cast your vote. Prizes will be awarded to the top three ice creams, as well as five honorable mentions.

The event starts at 2 p.m. on July 22 at Sulfur Springs Senior Center and continues until it is completed and the votes are all received. This year’s event features a variety of frozen treats, ranging from traditional ice cream flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and cookies and cream, to cherry, cherry cheesecake, banana and banana nut. and Chocolate Malt Crunch, Peach Peach Cobbler, Strawberry Banana, Butterfinger, and Piña Colada. It promises to be something to sharpen even the most demanding palette.

Confirming their intention to bring a freezer of their finest frozen treat to share and participate in this year’s Homemade Ice Cream Contest are:

  • John Little Mary Ellen Little – Cherry
  • Embark Care – Kevin Kelly Whitley (crunchy malted chocolate)
  • Mays Home Health – Stacey Wetzel – Strawberry
  • Family First Home Health – Libby Harmon Daves (Cherry Cheesecake)
  • Serenity Plus – Miachel Mia Herrera (Banana)
  • Sulfur Springs Health and Rehab – Dana Peeples – Peach Cobbler
  • Heritage Home Health – Jessica Ramsey Claxton and Kim Kimberly Hutcheson Good – Strawberry Banana
  • Home Health Care -Teresa Carlson Mathews – Butterfinger
  • Retirement Health Care Service – Nadea Bowerman – Peach
  • Hospice Plus – Angie Sepulveda-Boehlerr – Cookies and Cream
  • Dierksen Memorial Hospice -Leslie Deann Forshee – Strawberry
  • Wesley House – Kyra Manning – Vanilla
  • Angel Hands Hospice – Nadia Wright – Peach
  • Sunny Springs Nursing and Rehab – Tina Cox – Pina Colada
  • Rock Creek – Judith Beck – Chocolate
  • Amatus Health Care – Shelby Romans – Banana Nuts

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