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Sports credit financing: lost or guarantee fund?

One of the sectors most penalized by a not very rich offer of loans is the sports sector, for which banks do not have a great interest especially when it comes to small, public-type realities, and in any case with an amateur nature and without the aim of profit.

For all these situations the best situation is therefore represented by the Monpick Credit, which in 1959 disbursed its first subsidized loan for the construction of a sports facility. ICS is of the “public” type and has been subject to extraordinary administration since 2011.


What kind of loans does the Sports Credit Institute grant?

credit financing

The loans granted can cover needs related to ordinary management or according to conventions, agreements or memoranda of understanding. The formula is that of the mortgage, therefore they are granted in the form of medium or long-term loans, intended for carrying out works or for making purchases, all within the sports facilities.

Accepted requests for financing are covered by accessing two types of fund: the fund set aside for the provision of non-repayable loans in the “interest” account (sports facilities) and the guarantee fund “pursuant to law no. 289/02”.


Types of mortgage granted

mortgage loan

  • The ordinary mortgage, with a fixed and variable rate, with a duration of up to 20 years (5 years more for local authorities) and a maximum rate of less than 6%. Facilitations with exemptions on preliminary and management costs for public bodies (amount financed up to $ 5 million);
  • Light sport mortgage, for amounts up to 50 thousand dollars, to be repaid within 5 years, with a choice between fixed rate and variable rate (spread starting from 5%);
  • Energy mortgage which, as the name implies, supports works to improve energy efficiency or linked to renewable sources. It foresees a maximum financeable amount of 350 thousand dollars, with fixed or variable rate, below 6%;
  • The Mortgage complied with the Law, so that sports facilities are adapted to the provisions of the law. The conditions are similar to the ordinary mortgage;
  • Calamitous events mortgage, with a sharp reduction in rates, with interest contribution for the first 15 years for individuals and 20 for institutions at 2%. The mortgage expiration lasts up to 5 years longer, therefore 20 and 25 years respectively.

The request procedures and the necessary documents must always pass for the demonstration of the regularity of the sports association with legal nature belonging at least to a recognized sports promotion body, or of a higher grade.

Credit to buy a car.

With the loan to buy a car, many make the decision easy. Car dealers take a look at the effective interest rate and the financing. They do not consider how much money could be saved if the overall car purchase is rated.

We want you to finance your vehicle purchase at low interest and make optimal use of all other savings options. Find out why retailer credit is worthwhile for a few, but can be expensive for the majority.

Credit for buying a car – for whom is dealer financing worthwhile?

Credit for buying a car - for whom is dealer financing worthwhile?

Few drivers finance their car purchase exclusively from the high edge. Around 60 percent rely on the loan to buy a car. 0 percent financing costs on the large cardboard signs in car dealerships are particularly inviting. A little smaller is how long the interest is waived and what other options are granted.

Vehicle buyers who regularly only order new cars are well advised when it comes to dealer financing. Only the dealer can offer three-way financing that guarantees a vehicle return at the time of purchase. This is the only way for customers to know exactly how much money they will get back when exchanging for the next new car.

The three-way financing is a balloon loan, in which the vehicle rate is calculated so that it corresponds to the expected loss in value. If a little more is paid off, the buyer basically “saves” for the down payment of the coming vehicle. The whole thing financed to zero percent, no bank can keep up. But this buying behavior is still not cheap.

A credit for buying a car using the three-way financing is only cheap if the bottom line is otherwise, if it were rented or leased.

Buying a new vehicle – include all factors

Buying a new vehicle - include all factors

Almost every credit institution offers car loans to its customers. With an average good credit rating, the loan can be granted securely and at low interest rates. The real value of the vehicle and personal creditworthiness guarantee the loan. But of course no bank lends the money without interest. The savings effect when leveraged is coming from a different direction.

The dealer can only offer low interest rates on a car purchase loan because he takes over part of the real interest himself. Starting from the list price, traders have a range of 20-30 percent with which they can give in on the price, sponsor interest or give away extras. The size of the range in individual cases depends on the model and the vehicle brand, but also on possible risks.

The discount is particularly generous when buying a vehicle is a definitive thing for the dealer. He does not have to worry about taking the car back or problems if the loan is not paid. He is therefore happy to sweeten the decision in cash with the maximum discount. – Provided that there is hard negotiation, after all, car trading is the evolutionary successor to horse trading.

Calculation example:

If 30 percent were saved when buying a Golf, that would be around 6,000 USD. If 20,000 USD with a term of 48 months were financed at purchase at an interest independent of creditworthiness, the credit comparison shows 3.11 percent effective interest. Financing costs a total of 1,277.19 USD in financing costs. With a maximum discount, the interest-bearing credit for buying a car would save 4,722.81 USD.

Even if only an additional 10 percent discount for cash payment were negotiable, the debt financing of the car purchase would still pay off. Then it would still be 722 USD, which could be saved from the zero interest from the advertising sign. – But whoever is only offered a 10 percent discount should change the negotiator. At least 20 percent are common when buying cash.

Buying a used vehicle – the dealer is too expensive

Buying a used vehicle - the dealer is too expensive

When selling used vehicles, the dealer has little scope for generous discounts. He must give a guarantee on the used vehicle, whether he likes it or not. The vehicle guarantee is a real risk for him. Getting a used car from the yard for little money is not worth it for the car dealer. Unless the car is exported.

The used car loan from an online bank also saves on used vehicles. Car buyers who are not dependent on a used car loan from the dealer are looking for private sales. Numerous portals show every model that could be on the car dealership, cheaper by private individuals. Without a guarantee, but often at the real dealer purchase price, these vehicles change owners.

With a vehicle value – in dealer sales – of 10,000 USD, about 2,000 – 3,000 USD can be saved by buying privately. It is the low rates of balloon financing that lead to dealer credit, but can still be bought privately. For example, carcredit offers the loan to buy a car as a final installment loan from the Best Bank.

Car credit with poor creditworthiness – protecting opportunities

Car credit with poor creditworthiness - protecting opportunities

If the financial situation is somewhat tense, and there is insufficient security through proof of income (self-employed), we recommend that you apply for a loan on Good Finance.

A loan to buy a car could be financed through Good Finance by a risk-taking bank or private investors. In this way, a borrower retains all chances of buying a car across the board, even in difficult credit situations.

Credit with vehicle registration.

The most common reason to look for a loan with the vehicle registration document is to buy a car or motorcycle. Financing the car purchase online makes you a cash payer in the dealership.

Nevertheless, buying a car is not the only reason to deposit the vehicle registration certificate 2. Our credit advisor will provide you with all of the interesting information about loans with property security.

Loan with the vehicle registration – finance online, buy cheaper

Loan with the vehicle registration - finance online, buy cheaper

Most people immediately think of their own car loan on the subject of “credit with the vehicle registration document”. In many cases, car buyers make themselves comfortable and finance their vehicle purchase directly from the dealer’s bank. Looking at the interest rate promises on the billboard gives them the good feeling that they can do without credit comparisons. New car financing couldn’t be cheaper than zero percent – right?

If a zero percent loan is correct, car buyers will search in vain in the loan comparison calculator. But with the dealer loan, you do not only pay interest yourself for a short time. You forego the opportunity to successfully haggle over the desired new car. With negotiation skills, when buying the right model, a discount on the list price of 20 percent + X can wave. In the case of an average mid-range car with a financing sum of USD 18,000, it would be around USD 3,600 that would be given up in return for the interest gift.

If the interest free for 24 months is granted for the new vehicle loan, it roughly corresponds to an interest saving of 580 USD. Anyone who does not want to give away around 3,000 USD, as in the example above, appears as a cash payer. Loan with the vehicle registration certificate for more than 18,000 USD could be financed in a loan comparison for 3.49 percent effective interest. If balloon financing is to keep the rate burden low, there are also online offers. Online banks currently do not offer just a car loan as three-way financing with the option of vehicle return.

Vehicle loan – Buy a used car online or a dealer bank?

Vehicle loan - Buy a used car online or a dealer bank?

Not only new vehicles are financed. Good used cars are also not cheap. They only lose value rapidly in the first 2 years. After that, the loss in value is significantly reduced for several years. The credit with the vehicle registration document is therefore inevitable for many used car buyers. Financing offers at market rates come from car dealers. However, the installment loan from an online provider is usually cheaper. In this case, too, classic financing is available up to the full repayment of the loan in the same installments or the balloon loan.

Regardless of the loan provider, the used installment must be warned of the final installment loan. A vehicle that is getting on in years does not represent a high real value as security anymore. The follow-up financing for the final installment has already been doomed for many used vehicle buyers. The old baby would only be recognized according to the actual mortgage lending value. This is usually well below the level of the closing rate.

As a cash payer through the online credit with the vehicle registration, there are above all good shopping opportunities through private sales. Compared to retail prices, there is often a price difference of several thousand USD between the offers. Even car dealers who sell cash often drop off their car when there is cash on the table. Cash payment at the retailer is welcome, but the scope for negotiation is significantly less. About 10 percent can be saved by negotiating skill when buying a used car through the dealer.

Non-cash collateral loan – Loan for self-employed

Non-cash collateral loan - Loan for self-employed

Successful independence pays off. Vehicles used by respected entreprenUSDs are often of the luxury class. They are initially leased as a company vehicle and later bought up privately at their residual value. Nevertheless, even long-term successful independence offers hardly any income security for lending. Most entreprenUSDs have to use real assets as collateral for loans.

The young but paid private car guarantees liquidity through a loan with the vehicle registration document. If it has to be quick and the loan is only needed for a short time, then the pawnshop is the right contact. In most major cities in Germany, pawnbrokers specialize in the needs of the self-employed. They offer the pledge loan for motor vehicles in connection with large sums of cash.

Installment loan with the vehicle registration – create trust

Installment loan with the vehicle registration - create trust

If long-term financing as an installment loan with property security is to be possible for the self-employed, the choice falls on private donors. Both, recognized as serious portals for arranging credit from private to private, offer the credit with vehicle registration. In addition to the transfer by way of security, it is necessary to have a valuation report made by DAT. For example, Good Finance uses the mortgage lending value as a secured value for the loan. It appears in a separate certificate.

Loan security through the real value of the vehicle is not only possible for the self-employed. Employees like to use private investors to lend when there are problems with bank loans. Even with a completed Credit Bureau entry, a loan application can be made privately. Gaining investor confidence in such difficult cases requires more than just an eloquent loan application.

When creditworthiness is difficult, facts build confidence. On the one hand, trust can be created through the secure income situation, but usable collateral ensures cheaper interest rates and quick financing. Portal numbers prove that the loan with vehicle registration is approved by private individuals at a lower interest rate and faster than loan requests without real security.

Credit with instant transfer without credit bureau.

Finding a credit with immediate transfer without Credit Bureau is problematic. Promises for quick loans without Credit Bureau are found in the advertising of intermediaries.

We want you to get your loan as soon as possible. We provide you with all the information so that you can get an authentic picture of the loan without Credit Bureau. We even give you the name of the bank, which as far as is known as the only credit institution is allowed to offer Credit Bureaufree foreign credit to Germans.

Credit with immediate transfer without Credit Bureau – real offer or advertising slogan?

Credit with immediate transfer without Credit Bureau - real offer or advertising slogan?

The majority of all those interested in credit whose negative Credit Bureau prevents regular credit feels addressed by a loan with immediate transfer without Credit Bureau. The term immediate transfer sounds like a quick and easy credit procedure, as everyone knows from the regular instant loan with immediate transfer. In the normal procedure, the credit would be in the account about 48 hours after the legally binding online application via Videoident.

Those interested in credit who expect something similar without Credit Bureau will be disappointed. Not everyone can grant real Credit Bureau-free credit – Credit Bureau is not asked for a credit check or approved credit is reported to Credit Bureau. The law provides for exceptions for private donors. Foreign banks may only offer credit without Credit Bureau Germans if they are authorized to do so.

As far as is understandable, only Lite Bank from Liechtenstein has the necessary authorization. The bank does not offer a loan with immediate transfer without Credit Bureau. Private lenders remain as a credit option for Credit Bureau-free lending. Credit Bureau-free credit is not offered privately via reputable portals outside the personal circle of friends. Despite Credit Bureau yes, without Credit Bureau no.

Credit without Credit Bureau – the real offer

Credit without Credit Bureau - the real offer

Serious bank credit without Credit Bureau offers people the chance to completely exclude their negative Credit Bureau and its impact on lending. Only borrowers who can prove their personal creditworthiness in the individual case examination can qualify for the employee loan of the foreign bank. Since advertising always provides the real loan offer without Credit Bureau with “fast-sounding” attributes, we asked.

The bank’s management informed us that every loan request would be checked with the same care. There is no “express function” for applicants via certain intermediaries. All applications are processed in the order in which they are received. All employees strive to make quick decisions. Approved loans are usually transferred within one booking day.

The bank does not offer an explicit credit with immediate transfer without Credit Bureau, instant or urgent loans. Without Credit Bureau, the offer is to check the creditworthiness of small loans in the amount of 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD. Approved credit will not be reported to Credit Bureau as long as there are no irregularities in the repayment. Currently (June 2016) is under discussion, the offer to expand a loan of 7,500 USD loan amount.

Fast credit despite Credit Bureau – alternative offers

Fast credit despite Credit Bureau - alternative offers

A negative Credit Bureau does not automatically mean that quick credit requests are taboo. If you were looking for a credit with immediate transfer despite Credit Bureau, there are real credit options. To explain, despite Credit Bureau means that Credit Bureau may be requested, an approved loan is reported under the directive. Credit providers “despite Credit Bureau” also examine the individual case. The negative entry does not automatically lead to the loan being rejected.

A mini loan would be possible as a quick loan within the scope of a loan volume of $ 100 to $ 3,000. The credit check and loan payment for existing customers can even be possible in real time. As an alternative to credit with immediate transfer without Credit Bureau, the mini loan with loan payment in 24 hours would be conceivable for first-time applicants. For example, Best Bank offers Videoident in combination with the microcredit.

For the first application, the provider limits the maximum loan amount to USD 500 net loan. The loan would have to be repaid within a term of 30 days. After getting to know each other, higher loan amounts and longer terms would be optionally possible. The company determines how much credit can be granted in individual cases. The borrower can call up this amount at any time via the homepage with payment within 30 minutes.

Installment loan despite Credit Bureau – use reputable placement offers

Installment loan despite Credit Bureau - use reputable placement offers

Despite Credit Bureau, a real alternative to the desired credit with immediate transfer without Credit Bureau could come from reputable intermediaries. Unfortunately, intermediary advertising does not necessarily help in this case either. Unfortunately, it is precisely the advertisements for Credit Bureau-free loans that lead intermediaries to “alternative” business models. – Insurance sales, retirement planning and even tangible intent to defraud can be lurking behind the advertisement.

It is difficult for laypersons to recognize who works seriously and who does not. We rely on independent sources for our recommendation, an alternative to instant bank transfer without Credit Bureau. Good Finance has an impeccable media reputation in the brokerage business. The scandal-free reputation is underpinned by independent studies. For example, the DIW Berlin even recommends Good Finance by name in its 2011 study.

The majority of the loan portal is used to broker credit from private to private. Hidden costs or half-silk offers don’t have to fear prospective credit. Fast credit could also come from credit banks active on the portal via Good Finance. As a total offer, the credit portal is at least very close to the reputable credit with instant transfer without Credit Bureau.